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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the process to maintain the quality and reliability of a product throughout the procedure from manufacturing of the products till its final dispatchment. The quality of our products like Shakers, Laboratory Furnace, Vortex Mixer, Seed Germinator, Double Platform Orbital Shakers etc is inspected by our quality managers at various stages. The quality of our products is evaluated on various parameters like material strength, durability, longevity etc. A time to time checking of our machinery, tools and raw materials is done by our quality checkers. All our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We also offer a warranty of 12 months for our products.

Range of Products

  • Furnace Products
    • Autoclave (Triple Walled) and Dry Steam Sterilizer
    • Cylindrical Furnace
    • Digital Muffle Furnace
    • High Temperature Laboratory Furnace
    • High Temperature Tube Furnace
    • Industrial Tube Furnace
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Programmable Furnace
    • Programmable High Temperature Muffle Furnace
    • Programmable Muffle Furnace
    • Programmable Tube Furnace
    • Rectangular Furnace
    • Rocking Tube Furnace
    • Split Type Furnace
    • Three Zone Tube Furnace
    • Tilting Furnace
    • Two Zone Split Type Furnace
  • Laboratory Stirrers
    • Laboratory Pheumstic Stirrers
    • Lab Tissue Homogenizer
    • Soil Stirrers
  • Automatic Potentizer
  • Full Visibility Bath (Cryostat Circulating Bath)
  • Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer
  • Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
  • Microprocessor Controlled Vacuum Oven
  • Plant Growth Chamber
  • Portable Deep Freezer
  • Programmable Spin Coating Unit
  • Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
  • Seed Germinator
  • Titurating Machine
  • Ultrasonic Bath
  • Water Bath Incubator Shaker (Micro Processor Controlled)

    • Shakers
      • Rocker Shaker
      • Sieve Shaker
      • Swing Roller Mixer
      • Universal Shaking Machine
      • Vortex Mixer
      • Mini Rotary Shaker
    • Shaker Products
      • Double Platform Orbital Shaker
      • Incubator
      • Orbital Incubator Shaker
      • Orbital Shaker (Bench Top)
      • Seed Germinator
      • Stability Chamber
      • Autoclaves
        • Autoclave (triple Walled) Dry Steam Sterilizer
        • Autoclave (vertical)
        • Fully Automatic Autoclave
        • Fully Automatic Autoclave (Horizontal)
        • Fully Automatic Deluxe Autoclave Vertical
        • Horizontal Autoclave
        • Horizontal Triple Walled Autoclave ( Cylindrical)
        • Triple Wall Vertical Autoclave
        • Vertical Autoclave
      • General Lab Equipments
        • All Glass Double Distillation Apparatus
        • Colony Counter
        • Digestion Unit
        • Digital Hot Plate
        • Digital pH Meter
        • Direct Drive Vacuum Pump (Double Stage)
        • Fluccolator (Jar Test Apparatus)
        • Heating Mantle
        • Infrared Moisture Balance
        • Rotary High Vacuum Pump (Double Stage)
        • UV Cabinet
        • Wrist Action Shaker

      • Oven Microprocessor
        • Laboratory Ovens
        • Oven Universal (Memmert Type)
      • Laminar Air Flow & Fume Hood
        • Horizontal & Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
        • Laminar Air Flow Bench (Wooden) Horizontal/Vertical
        • Laminar Air Flow Bench
        • Biosafety Cabinet
        • Fume Hood (Stainless Steel 304)
      • BOD Incubators & Cold Cabinet
        • BOD Cooling Incubator
        • Micro Processor Controlled Cooling Incubator
      • Environmental & Stability Chamber
        • Stability Testing Chamber
        • Environmental Chamber
      • Incubator Shaker
        • Water Bath Incubator Shaker
        • Orbital Incubator Shaker
      • Full Visibility Bath & High Precision Water Bath
        • Rectangular Water Bath

      Products Importing

      • Hiro
      • Benxon
      • Pet Glasses
      • Benxon Malaysia Containers


      We have an efficient team of experienced and dedicated professionals who contribute towards the the growth and success of our company. Our diligent professionals perform together as a team to reach the objectives set by our company and also to meet the expectation of our customers and provide them with standard quality products. To have a positive environment at work, our team is motivated from time to time and they are also made aware of the latest technologies and advancements through workshops and training.


      We have a spacious and wide infrastructure situated in a prime location in Delhi, equipped with all the latest machinery and advanced tools for a proper functioning and management of our company. There are various departments segregated into units for high productivity of our engineering products. The various units are R&D department, logistic, warehouse, production unit and many more. The transport facility is very efficient and helps in swift and prompt delivery of products from one place to another as per convenience.

      Products Description
      WH-20, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-1,New Delhi - 110064, India
      Phone :08045478202
      Fax :91-11-28115271
      Mr. Sharad Bhagat (Director)
      Mobile :08045478202
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