Laboratory Stirrers

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Fluccolator ( Jar Test Apparatus )

Fluccolator (Jar Test Apparatus) for Six Jars of 1 ltr. Capacity. Provided with speed control from 10 to 100 RPM approx, with Digital Electronic Speed (RPM) Indicator, stirrer are driven by PMDC motor V-belt & pulley drive. Entire unit is mounted on angle iron frame, with side support rods. Stainless Steel rods of Dia = 10 mm with lifting knobs & Stirring Paddle. Paddle can disengaged individually without interruption of other stirrer, spacing between rods permit use of 1000 ml. Beakers, which rest directly on illuminated white acrylic sheet. Suitable for 220 Volts, 50cy AC only ( without Beaker) Specification subject to change without notice

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Laboratory Stirrer

Price: 5000.00 - 40000.00 INR

Designed to meet the need of of homogenization , emulsification, dispersion, and mixing of fluids of variable viscosity in laboratories and industry. Fitted with AC/DC or AC motor with stand. Specification subject to change without notice


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