Testing & Measuring Equipments

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Price: 20000 INR/Number

Digital controls and display of time and temperature Set up Block Material :Aluminium alloy Block Type : Full Diameter of probe tube: 5 millimeter Coating of probe tube : SafeCoat

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Digital Hot Plate

Hot Plate (Rectangular) Heavy duty Cast Iron Top. Fitted with PID Digital Temp. Controller Useful for continuous heating upto 350C. To work on 220/230V, single phase AC supply. Specifications Subject to change without notice

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Infrared Moisture Balance

Infra red Moisture Balance is a very reliable and sturdy instrument for an accurate determination of the moisture contents of materials which do not under go chemical changes when exposed to infrared radiation. Since drying and weighting of the samples is done simultaneously the instrument is specially useful for substances which quickly reabsorb moisture after drying. Observations can be taken quickly and the results obtained are accurate. The instrument has been profitably utilized for a determination of moisture contents of agricultural soils, foods, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, construction soils and other similar materials. Specification subject to change without notice

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Digital Ph Meter

Ph: 0-14.00 pH Resolution: 0.01 pH Temp. compensation: Manual/Auto Specification subject to change without notice

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Conductivity meter are reliable and accurate test instruments for measurement of Conductivity of aqueous solutions. They measure Conductivity is in five ranges. The Resolution is 0.1 S/cm, in the lowest range. The cell constant is flashed on a digital display & can be adjusted from the front panel. The instruments have the Check facility to calibrate the instrument. Specification Subject to change without notice


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